ageofsolar (ageofsolar) wrote in degrassi,

Degrassi tours!

I was in Toronto last week and my friends and I decided to take a tour of the old Degrassi hang outs! It was a blast!

Degrassi High!

Degrassi Junior High

This was L.D.'s dad's garage

This was where Rick lived. Also, the company had some studios up here.

Michelle worked here!

The park where Joey and Dwayne almost fought.
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Way cool.
whoa! no way. i totally love old degrassi more than the next generation. these are awesome photos and i'm super jealous.
So cool!! I live near Toronto, and yet I have never done this. Thanks for sharing your pics!! :)

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AWESOME!!!! I want to go to Toronto and see all of these places sooo bad!! I bet it was amazing. I am hoping to one day take a trip there.

I am actually in the middle of Degrassi High right now. Finished Junior High recently. LOVE IT!!
That's soooo cool. I wish I can do that one day!
that's so cool you got to see all those places in real life! thanks for sharing. :)