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Loki's Raven

I come with Degrassi music and photos!

Hey, Degrassiphiles! Here I present a playlist of songs that were featured at some point on our favorite show. Download all that you want; just don't direct link to them as I'll be deleting them within a week or so (it's a bandwidth issue). I don't know what clip played when, at least not for most of them. P.S. Harem Scarem is a Canadian band, and many songs of theirs appeared in Degrassi and in the movie School's Out. Enjoy, won't you?

Cosmetics (Gowan)
All the Lovers in the World (Gowan)
Moonlight Desires (Gowan)
Cars and Girls (Prefab Sprout)
Hard To Love (Harem Scarem)
Love Reaction (Harem Scarem)
So Careful (Images In Vogue)
Fly By Night (Rush)

Additionally, I have taken captures from my old Degrassi videotapes. Okay, so it was more like I was lying on the couch and watching episode after episode of Degrassi High and took pictures off the screen with my then-new digital camera. (Because I'm a Degrassi Geek, that's why!) Enjoy these as well; make icons from them if you wish, although they're not the greatest quality. Extra bonus points if you know who said the below quote, and to whom she was referring.

These photos are in no particular order, except in alphabetical as they are named in my computer files.

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